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72072 RPM Propeller-Guards Dromida vorne Black

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  • RPM72072
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72072 RPM Racing Products Tuning Parts Propeller-Guards vorne schwarz (2) Dromida Vista + Ominus... mehr
Produktinformationen "72072 RPM Propeller-Guards Dromida vorne Black"
72072 RPM Racing Products Tuning Parts Propeller-Guards vorne schwarz (2) Dromida Vista + Ominus

Unser Tuning Tipp: RPM Teile sind aus nahezu unzerbrechlichem Nylon Kunstsoff für ungetrübten Flugspass und ersetzen 1:1 das Originalteil
0.05 Zoll Inbus wird zur Montage benötigt, siehe Zubheör

Quick Notes:
– extreme strength and durability
– weighs less than 5 grams per guard (including hardware)
– sold in pairs (two pairs required per Alias)
– 0.05″ (or 1.25mm) hex key wrench is required (not included) for installation

Product Description

The Dromida Vista and Ominus quadracopters are fantastic performers straight out of the box. But if you’re a beginner, they need some protection – either for the motor and propellers or for everything you’re likely to hit! RPM Prop Guards add the protection you’ll need. Our Prop Guards are super lightweight and install in a matter of minutes.

Each Prop Guard is molded in our trademark blend of engineering grade nylons for unmatched strength and durability. While we made our Prop Guards extremely tough, we also made them very light to minimize the effects of added weight on the airframe, weighing in at less than 5 grams per guard!

RPM Prop Guards for the Dromida Vista & Ominus are sold in pairs (one front set and one rear set will be needed for one Vista / Ominus airframe) and are molded in either dyeable white or black. Instructions for dyeing RPM parts can be found here.

RPM Prop Guards will pay for themselves the first time you have one of those “oops” moments! Don’t let a mistake ruin your day of fun. Bolt a set of RPM Prop Guards on and let your confidence soar!

Tech Notes: Sold in pairs. One set of front and one set of rear Prop Guards are required for one Vista / Ominus. All four Prop Guards (2 – front & 2 – rear) must be installed at the same time. Failure to install Prop Guards in all four corners may cause adverse flying characteristics. RPM Prop Guards are designed as “bumpers” to help deflect light to medium impacts. They are not designed to save the Vista / Ominus from full speed or gravity fed crashes. A 0.05″ (or 1.25mm) hex key wrench is required (not included) for installation.

RPM aerial products are backed by our limited lifetime warranty against materials and workmanship issues but do not carry the same breakage warranty as our surface products. For more information on the RPM warranty policy as it applies to aerial products, please visit our warranty FAQ page.
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