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J2605-1 B6 / B6D Vord. Aufhängung Unterlegscheibe

J2605-1 B6 / B6D Vord. Aufhängung Unterlegscheibe
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  • JC2605-1
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J2605-1 JConcepts B6 / B6D Vordere Aufhängung .5mm and 1mm Unterlagscheibenset - Blau (Passend... mehr
Produktinformationen "J2605-1 B6 / B6D Vord. Aufhängung Unterlegscheibe"
J2605-1 JConcepts B6 / B6D Vordere Aufhängung .5mm and 1mm Unterlagscheibenset - Blau (Passend für B6 / B6D)

In this day and age, 1/10th off-road tuning is very technical. JConcepts now offers some additional precision items for the B6 | B6D to alter the front roll-center. The all aluminum machined and blue anodized components offer benefits not yet available. First, the #2605-1 item includes a .5mm and 1mm shim to give racers that all important dual option. Second, due to the nature of aluminum and the machining process, the JConcepts shim set provides a more stable footprint over 3D printed or injection molded items.

These shims are sandwiched in-between suspension components and aluminum isn’t as likely to deform under load or screw force. As more racers use automatic tools for assembly and builds, it’s important for suspension mounts to maintain a flat base. According to team drivers, lowering the front roll-center provides a smoother steering response and tends to increase overall steering during mid-corner.

JConcepts recommends starting with the .5mm shim to see the affect and moving to the 1mm if more action is desired. The shims are laser engraved with thickness and marked with JC brand logo for authenticity.

Notes –
Longer screws might be necessary (not included)

• Precision machined aluminum
• Light-weight / durable design
• Laser marked logo and thickness
• Available in blue for easy identification
• Aesthetic jewelry
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