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8214-16 ProLine Scrubs MX Buggy 4WD vorne (2)

8214-16 ProLine Scrubs MX Buggy 4WD vorne (2)
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8214-16 Pro-LineScrubs 2.2" 4WD MX (Blue Groove) Off-Road Buggy Front Tires for 2.2" 4WD Buggy... mehr
Produktinformationen "8214-16 ProLine Scrubs MX Buggy 4WD vorne (2)"
8214-16 Pro-LineScrubs 2.2" 4WD MX (Blue Groove) Off-Road Buggy Front Tires for 2.2" 4WD Buggy Front Wheels

1 Paar Reifen inkl. Einlagen für Buggy 4WD Vorne

This is a pair of Scrubs 2.2" 4WD Off-Road Buggy Front Tires. Stay in the groove with Pro-Line's all new Scrubs 4WD front buggy tires. Designed specifically for wet/dry clay and hard packed tracks, the Pro-Line Scrubs front tire offers improved steering, handling and forward traction. The Scrubs tire features an angled bar design for tons of side bite, as well as a V-pin design which will make your buggy track straight as an arrow. The new Scrubs are offered in our M3, M4, MC and MX compounds to meet all your track needs. When thinking about getting a new 4WD front buggy tire, think about Scrubbing past the competition. The same Scrubs 2WD technology that is currently dominating indoor/outdoor clay and hard pack tracks on the front of 2WD buggies can now be found on Pro-Line’s new Scrubs 4WD front!

Pro-Line is reintroducing the improved MX Compound specifically designed for Hot, Outdoor track conditions where extreme tire wear is an issue. The Low Elasticity found in our proprietary MX Compound provides a stable tire for high traction conditions while exhibiting high abrasion resistance for long wear. If you run on an Outdoor, abrasive, or Blue-Groove track you need Pro-Line’s MX compound!

Angled bar design for superior side bite on hard packed conditions
Base pin for extraordinary forward bite on hard-packed/blue-groove surfaces
Reversible Design
Available in M3 (Soft), M4 (Super Soft), and MC (Clay) compounds
Cut foam included

Height: 3.32" (84mm)
Width: 1.32" (34mm)
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