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J3148-R2 Dirt Maze R2 2.2 1/10 Buggy Hinten (2)

J3148-R2 Dirt Maze R2 2.2 1/10 Buggy Hinten (2)
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  • JC3148-R2
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J3148-R2 JConcepts Dirt Maze - R2 Mischung (Passend für 2.2 Buggy Felge hinten) - 2 St. 1... mehr
Produktinformationen "J3148-R2 Dirt Maze R2 2.2 1/10 Buggy Hinten (2)"
J3148-R2 JConcepts Dirt Maze - R2 Mischung (Passend für 2.2 Buggy Felge hinten) - 2 St.

1 Paar Reifen mit Einlagen für 1/10 Buggy Hinten
R2 = Medium Soft, long wear

The big brother to the Webs, the Dirt Maze tire is designed specifically for the outdoor conditions where the track has been treated or left dry. Built around the foundation of other successful JConcepts tires, the Dirt Maze has some depth and girth built into the design. Starting with thicker, connected webbing, the hot outdoor tire provides a continuous edgy contact patch needed for driving outdoors and at high-speed.

The center X section delivers the comfort with the forward bite and the slightly slotted portions allow some flexibility for stability over terrain. Resting inside the hefty X patterns, horizontal and vertical pins help minimize wear and add some surface area for longer qualifiers and main events. Moving toward the outside of the tire, the alternating bar concept, used on V2 Bar Codes work their magic to support the side-load during heavy cornering at the end of straight-aways and sweeping corners. Breaking up the alternating bars, an added horizontal bar blends deeply into the side-wall for balancing forward to side traction considerations.

Surprise, the Dirt Maze is already a winner in the hands of Ryan Maifield. The juggernaut driver from Arizona recently made the trip to the Hot Rod Hobbies Shootout where he took the coveted TQ and 1st place with the new tire showing the speed and endurance of the tire built just for those conditions. Ryan commented, “Obviously the Dirt Maze was dialed here and combined with our new compounds, we showed some dominance on one the most difficult conditions we race on.”

• JConcepts original tread, available in multiple compounds
• Designed in conjunction Jason Ruona, Brian Kinwald and Ryan Maifield
• Hefty X-patterns with alternating bar support
• Horizontal and vertical bars for side-bite
• 2.2” bead mounting size for compatibility
• Includes Dirt Tech Closed cell foam inserts
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