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350204 XRAY XT 8 2019 - 1/8 NITRO RACING TRUGGY Baukasten Kit ohne Fernsteuerung und ohne... mehr
Produktinformationen "XRAY XT8 2019 - 1/8 NITRO RACING TRUGGY Kit"
350204 XRAY XT 8 2019 - 1/8 NITRO RACING TRUGGY

Baukasten Kit ohne Fernsteuerung und ohne Antriebskomponenten

XRAY XT8 All-new Specs:

Chassis has a considerably longer design with weight moved to the front
Improved weight balance with the weight moved frontwards increases rotation of the truggy as well as cornering speed, better jumping, and offering more forgiving handling
All-new large capacity 150cc fuel tank with super-short design to allow placement towards the front
Side guards incorporate a larger bottom radius to make the truggy more stable on rough tracks, while also increasing the longitudinal flex
Improved suspension holders
Front & rear lower suspension arms feature a new reinforced design, making them more resilient in jumps and crashes
Rear lower outer pivot pins feature self-locking nuts for increased reliability
Included steel eccentric bushings & ball mounts for increased reliability
Steering system with moulded graphite servo saver for more efficiency in dusty conditions
Alu steering plate gives more linear, more precise, and more aggressive steering due to narrower Ackermann design
Composite front upper top deck for added flex & increased steering
Steering pivot balls with backstops for increased reliability
Composite front chassis brace gives added front flex; rear double composite braces with a graphite chassis extension for flex adjustment
Reinforced, strengthened bulkheads
Large volume front, central, and rear differentials for improved long-run performance and reduced internal heat build-up
All-new diff parts: stronger 2.5mm diff pins, longer cross diff pins, improved internal diff gears with re-profiled teeth for reduced friction and smooth operation, improved gaskets
Lightweight machined diff outdrives
50T center diff gear for improved acceleration
Graphite center diff mounting plate, redesigned to fit the new 50T spur gear
Aluminum front & rear shock towers offer increased lifespan, and all-new shock & roll-center positions
Longer, larger-volume shock absorbers with increased downtravel, new shock bodies, shock shafts, shock springs, and pistons
All-new center front & rear CVD drive shafts
All-new front & rear universal drive shafts
+5mm offset wheel axles
Flat-spotted wheel hex hub connecting pins for increased reliability
Radio box made from softer, more flexible composite material
Alu engine mounts carried over from XB8 platform
Anti-roll bars carried over from XB8 platform
Redesigned, newly-sized turnbuckles


Developed, designed and styled by Dipl. Eng. Juraj Hudy, manufactured exclusively by XRAY in Europe in the world's most sophisticated RC manufacturing facility
Premium, professional, high-competition model racing car for the most demanding racers
Manufactured from premium European materials, machined using state of the art Swiss and German machines
Premium XRAY service & support


CNC-machined 3mm Swiss 7075 T6 aluminum
Strategically machined in low-stress areas for light weight and uncompromised strength and rigidity
Optimized weight distribution for improved balance and stability
Non-essential material below the engine, fuel tank, and diffs was removed to allow for the lowest possible center of gravity and appropriate chassis flex
Countersunk underside screw holes for a flat, smooth chassis bottom
Side guard design offers superior side protection, seals against dirt, protects the fuel tank
Compact, 1-piece radio plate made from robust yet flexible composite material can be quickly & easily removed for servicing and cleaning
Super-short 150cc fuel tank relocated forward in chassis; features molded-in splashguard, and rubber mounting grommets for vibration absorption, and an integrated floating stone filter for enhanced fuel pickup
Super-strong reinforced diff bulkheads provide mounting points for suspension mounts and shock towers, and allow super-easy diff access
Well-proven composite front single & rear double chassis braces have a significant influence on chassis stiffness and chassis flex; optional graphite inserts offer improved flex tuning opportunities.

Engine & Clutch

High-grade CNC-machined aluminum engine mounts machined from lightweight alloy are easily adjustable to obtain proper gear mesh
Extended engine mount design provides higher reinforcement of the chassis to minimize chassis bending between the clutchbell and spur gear
Smooth-flowing, efficient air filter includes air filter oil and a universal rubber elbow to fit most standard 1/8 buggy engines
Clutch system provides smooth and continuous transfer of power from engine at very high RPM; includes alu 1.7g lightweight clutch shoes, 1.0mm springs, aluminum flywheel and a steel flywheel nut
Clutch nut and preload adjustment collar manufactured from special HUDY Spring Steel™ for maximum lifespan and durability
Wide range of different clutch gears available for perfect set-up and adjustment for particular racing conditions.


Well-proven, high-performance braking system
Strong, precise, dependable braking for complete confidence
Aluminum brake 7075 T6 hub with precision-pressed pins
Laser-cut, precision flat-ground steel brake disk for ultra-efficient, fade-free braking
Rigid, high-precision machined brake cams
High-grip brake pads
Heat-treated brake disk and brake pads for maximum lifespan


Conventional shaft-driven 4WD drivetrain
Front and rear universal drive shafts
Center front & rear CVD drive shafts
Diff outdrives manufactured from exclusive HUDY Spring Steel™ are specially hand-ground for maximum precision and smooth operation; long front outdrives help prevent drive shafts from falling out even in extreme crashes
Universal & CVD drive shafts manufactured from world-renowned HUDY Spring Steel™ are some of the world‘s thinnest yet most durable drive shafts used in off-road kits
Central large, strong outdrives feature protective rubber boots, thick 3mm pins, and a protective locking rings
Ultra-lightweight 17mm wheel hex drive hubs with +5mm offset are CNC-machined from Swiss 7075 T6 black-coated aluminum, specially machined to reduce rotating weight while guaranteeing wobble-free wheel mounting.
Complete set of 24 high-speed, blue-sealed ball-bearings used throughout the drivetrain to ensure maximum efficiency.

Gear Differentials

High-volume gear differentials with larger internal gears & more teeth, stronger diff pins have superior traction and reliability
Front & rear gear differentials with adjustable oil viscosity, featuring 43T crown gears & 10T pinion gears
Central gear differential with adjustable oil viscosity, featuring 50T spur gear & standard 13T engine clutchbell
Differential main gears manufactured from HUDY Gear Steel, specially formulated and developed for use in gears.
Large-size, heat-treated internal diff gears have a greater number of teeth to ensure more precise fitment and engagement


Advanced suspension geometry engineered and finely tuned for high-competition racing
Truggy-specific suspension has been specially designed for 1/8 truggy racing to provide responsive racing characteristics in all racing conditions
Lightweight yet durable suspension parts molded from XRAY's own composite mixture for suspension parts
Super-long suspension arms provide maximum stability and optimal stiffness to ensure maximum traction, superior handling under all racing conditions and terrains
Front & rear CNC-machined Swiss 7075 T6 aluminum shock towers include multiple shock mounting & roll center adjustment positions
Fully-adjustable suspension featuring I.S.S.™ (Integrated Suspension Settings™) with eccentric bushings inserted into Swiss 7075 T6 alu holders
Complete set of I.S.S.™ eccentric bushings is included for complete suspension geometry adjustment.
Unique C-hub suspension with Integrated Adjustable CasterTM which enables adjustment of the single C-block through the entire caster angle range; no optional caster blocks needed!
C-blocks feature an inclined kingpin design for increased steering and stability
Steel caster bushings and ball mounts for superior strength & reliability
Small, super-lightweight composite zero kingpin steering blocks feature an inset aluminum bushing that is molded into the steering block itself, ensuring a lightweight, precise and durable steering block assembly.
Steering block kingpin screws are firmly held in the aluminum threaded bushing while the end of the screw is self-locked in composite to prevent the screws from loosening during racing. The molded-in aluminum bushings allow the steering blocks to turn freely ensuring precise steering reaction.
Compact, lightweight rear uprights with multiple upper & lower roll center positions, and wheelbase adjustment possibilities
Front & rear wire-style anti-roll bars manufactured from spring steel material are included to stabilize the chassis at both front and rear
Diff case mounts for anti-roll bars allow for easy installation and adjustment
Premium Hudy Spring Steel™ adjustable turnbuckles


Robust dual-arm steering system is very simple yet effective and features an integrated easily adjustable servo saver
Molded graphite servo saver makes the steering more resilient & efficient in dusty conditions
Alu steering plate gives more aggressive steering characteristics
Composite upper top deck adds flex to help steering
Steering pivot balls with backstops for increased reliability
Easily-adjustable Ackermann using different steering link mounting positions on the steering plate
Easily-adjustable bump steer using inserted shims


XT8 big-bore, long-stroke shocks offer increased downtravel, reliability, performance, and improved damping characteristics
Oversized big-bore hardcoated shock bodies
Shock body large 16.2mm inner diameter ensures proper and consistent shock oil flow through the perfectly-round pistons which move very precisely inside the smoothly-finished interior of the shock body
Externally-threaded shock bodies for quick & easy adjustment
Two shock O-rings – manufactured from a superior silicone compound to allow ultra-free movement of the shock rod while still maintaining a tight seal – are installed in the lower part of the shock body and are secured with composite shims
Ultra-precise shock pistons with 6-, 8- and 10-hole molded from Delrin® material for smooth action and reliability
Thick 3.5mm shock shafts designed for maximum strength & durability are precision-ground and super-smooth for free and smooth movement
Specially-formulated rubber material of the shock membrane ensures equal damping characteristics from the beginning of the race to the end, even after extreme use
Reinforced ball joints
XT8 shock springs offer a mix of progressive & linear characteristics; manually measured, hand-selected for maximum precision, equal length, and equal damping characteristics

Body & Wing

Strong front & rear composite body mounts with foam cushions; two types of rear body mounts included depending on the type of the body used.
Stylish and effective rear wing made from special composition was designed for proper downforce and stability, and will remain intact and properly shaped even after hard abuse and extreme crashes
Strong rear wing holders offer different wing mounting positions


Included HUDY Premium Silicone Oils, manufactured in Europe by a specialized premium silicone oil manufacturer, and use the industry-standard cSt rating
Premium HUDY Graphite Grease is a high-performance, advanced-technology semi-fluid lubricant which incorporates both extreme pressure additives and finely-dispersed graphite for load carrying
Graphite Grease is intended primarily for the lubrication of rotating parts and loaded gears, and it is formulated to have excellent adhesion and fling resistance under extreme conditions

Assembly, Set-up & Support

Premium 3D full-color Instruction Manual & supplementary sheets
To fully understand the set-up possibilities we recommend the legendary HUDY Set-up Book (available for download exclusively at which is loaded with over 50 pages of high-quality pictures and easy-to-read RC car set-up explanations
Exclusive Virtual Online Setup Sheet database with thousands of set-up sheets for race tracks around the world
Premium, unmatched XRAY online support

Adjustment Possibilities:

Fully-adjustable front and rear suspension geometry: caster, camber, toe, kick-up, anti-squat, ride height, downstops, track-width, anti-roll bars, lower roll center, upper roll center, roll center positions, bump steer, wheelbase, Ackermann, shock damping, shock mounting position.
Front/center/rear differential adjustment
For easy and fast adjustment we recommend using set-up tools and accessories from HUDY, the world leader of RC tools.

All specifications are subject to change without prior notice. Pre-production prototype is shown, final specifications may slightly vary. In some pictures optional parts may be shown. All option parts are not included and must be purchased separately. The color of some aluminum parts may vary from kit to kit and some of the kits may not include all the orange or black parts as shown. Some of the spare parts or option parts may not be available at the moment in the orange or black color as shown. Some of the pictures show colored stickers on wing and radio tray, these are not included in the kit and are used in photos only for promotional purposes. The racing body and other equipment shown in pictures are not included in the kit.


Length: 580mm

Chassis length:459mm


Width: 399mm

Weight: 1902g

Approximate running weight: 3810g

Chassis: 3 mm CNC-machined Swiss 7075 T6 hardcoated aluminum

Radio tray: Composite 1-piece

Central diff upper deck: Machined laminated carbon graphite

Braces: Composite braces (front / rear)

Suspension: Adjustable suspension with preset geometry

Rear suspension: Lower H-arm with adjustable upper camber link

Front suspension: Zero Kingpin suspension with integrated adjustable caster

Rear upright: Composite with dual arm mounting and 3 roll center positions

Shocks: Big-bore shocks with various shock pistons featuring Delrin pistons

Shock towers: Front & rear 4.0mm alu

Drivetrain: Full-time shaft-drive 4WD with center differential

Primary: Steel spur gear / clutchbell

Drive shafts: HUDY Spring Steel™ universal drive shafts

Central shafts: HUDY Spring Steel™ CVD drive shafts

Differentials: Sealed, 6 gear, silicone-filled

Clutch:Aluminum 3-shoe

Bearings: Rubber-sealed

Gearing Pinion: 10T front / rear

Crown gear: 43T front / rear

Clutchbell: 13T

Spur gear: 50T

Body: Not included

Tires:Not included

Wheels: Not included, standard 17mm hub

Fuel tank:150cc capacity with capacity-adjustment segments, with hypertonic tank lid and internal stone-type floating filter

Adjustment Possibilities
Standard Adjustment: Camber, caster, toe-in, wheelbase, kick-up, anti-squat, lower & upper roll centers, kingpin, Ackermann, bump steer, Multi-Flex, weight balance

Items Not Included

Engine, Exhaust system, Electronics (Radio, Receiver, Servos, Batteries), Wheels, Tires, Body, Tools, Wheel tool, Receiver battery, Fuel, Switch, Start box, Glow heater, Paint, Charger, Universal tool for all nuts and turnbuckles, Set-up book.
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