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Kyosho Inferno MP10e 1:8 4WD RC EP Buggy Kit

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  • 198359157
  • KY34110B
  • Baukasten mit ausführlicher Aufbauanleitung
  • 80+ km/h
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  • 30 Jahre RC Modellbau Erfahrung
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34110B Kyosho Inferno MP10e 1:8 4WD RC EP Buggy Kit A star is born in the evolving electric... mehr
Produktinformationen "Kyosho Inferno MP10e 1:8 4WD RC EP Buggy Kit"
34110B Kyosho Inferno MP10e 1:8 4WD RC EP Buggy Kit

A star is born in the evolving electric category!
World Champion DNA runs thick in the veins of the new Inferno MP10e

With eight titles at the IFMAR (International Federation of Model Auto Racing) 1/8 scale engine racing buggy World Championships, the Inferno series boasts an unrivaled record of success. Based on the most advanced MP10 model, an electric power unit has transformed this machine to create the new MP10e! Evolution of electric motor and battery technology has delivered speed comparable with engine (GP) models so 1/8 electric racing buggies have become a competition class around the world. The quiet simplicity of electric power opens up more opportunity to enjoy high-performance 1/8 buggy performance. As various manufacturers adapted 1/8 models for competition, Kyosho optimized the weight distribution to enhance the MP10e far beyond the performance of the MP9e Evo. Boasting the performance and reliability of the MP10’s proven suspension and drive system, the MP10e features a specially designed main chassis that provides optimal chassis flex and sure-footed grip with an aerodynamic body designed for this electric model to deliver easy handling at high-speed. The motor mount is compatible with various size motors and supports the left-right distribution of the battery weight. Specially designed receiver box and ESC mount deliver improved maintenance efficiency. For the sharpest racing edge, the enhanced performance of the MP10e will be your first choice in a racing weapon.

Technical datas

● Length 490mm
● Width 307mm
● Height 180mm
● Wheelbase 325mm (Can be changd by replacing rear hub collars)
● Tread(F/R) 254mm
● Tires(F/R) (sold separately)
● Gear Ratio 10.87 : 1 Pinion 14T
● Weight 3,650g (approx.)
● R/C system 2~3ch (sold separately)

Kit Contents

●Unassembled kit set
●Pinion gear
●Clear body
●Body mask sheet

Required for Operation
● 2ch~3ch transmitter & receiver for R/C cars
● servo
● Motor
● Tires & inners for 1/8 buggy
● Wheel
● Diff silicone oil
● Shock silicone oil
● Paint for coloring body
● Battries for chassis (2 x 2-cell LiPo) & charger *Not compatible with 4-cell battery packs
● Tools
Zum Betrieb dieses Modells wird folgendes Zubehör benötigt: Fahrer der Spass am... mehr

Zum Betrieb dieses Modells wird folgendes Zubehör benötigt:

  • Fahrer der Spass am Schrauben hat...✌
  • Fernsteuerung mind. 2-Kanal inkl. Empfänger
  • 2 Servos mind. 12kg mit Metallgetriebe
  • Brushless Antriebssystem
  • Reifen- oder Kompletträdersatz
  • 2  LiPo Akkus
  • Passendes Ladegerät
  • Lexan Farbe
  • Silikon Öl für Differentiale und Stossdämpfer 
  • Geeignetes Werkzeug

Ausser dem Fahrer ✌ findest Du alles unter Zubehör / Tuning und Top Zubehör

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