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J0146-1 Hybrid 1/8th Buggy / Truck Flügel

J0146-1 Hybrid 1/8th Buggy / Truck Flügel
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  • JC0146-1
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J0146-1 JConcepts Hybrid - Fertig ausgeschnittener Polycarbonat 1/8th Buggy / Truck Flügel... mehr
Produktinformationen "J0146-1 Hybrid 1/8th Buggy / Truck Flügel"
J0146-1 JConcepts Hybrid - Fertig ausgeschnittener Polycarbonat 1/8th Buggy / Truck Flügel (Ersatzflügel)

Wing development is serious business and JConcepts has responded with a technically advanced alternative for 1/8th racing. The Hybrid wing features a brand new design incorporating a multi-height layout which allows the wing to sit in a lower stance. The side-dams feature a surface which has a recessed section increasing rigidity.

The pre-trimmed polycarbonate wing formed in heavy-duty material has a hard chamfered leading edge to the side-dams giving it that legacy look known from JConcepts. Angular sections blend nicely into the high-performance shape giving a location for that initial step and transition to the wing’s gurney position. At the rear of the wing rests 7 individual ribs which support the wings upper section as it transitions to the gurney.

The wing set features injection molded components which form the Hybrid combination. The center divider drops into position, bolts to the main section and allows the user to mark vehicle mounting position by simply looking through to the grid located on the bottom. Gurney options include 4 individual bars with a long and short overhang giving 2 options for wing configurations with or without the center divider.

A rear gurney brace sits at the back of the wing beefing up the entire assembly. Attachment is complete by using 4 of the included 3x10mm button head screws clamping the unit together. Wing buttons are included with aluminum washer for screw down type builds while a body clip type mount can be used for other configurations.

The wing set includes complete instruction for assembly, fitment information with notes and recommendations. The Hybrid wing can be used with or without center divider for tuning purposes, however, using the center divider on the TLR 8ight buggy is not recommended.


JConcepts Hybrid, blended material design
Radical, edgy design with center divider
Screw-in type and body-clip type wing button choices
Blue anodized aluminum washer for screw-in wing button
Gurney options included with hardware
Light-weight design and materials
Pre-dimpled markings on center divider for 6 popular vehicles with instruction sheet
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