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80522 RPM Getriebeabdeckung Traxxas 2WD Schwarz

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80522 RPM Racing Products Tuning Parts Black Sealed Gear Cover for the Traxxas e-Rustler,... mehr
Produktinformationen "80522 RPM Getriebeabdeckung Traxxas 2WD Schwarz"
80522 RPM Racing Products Tuning Parts Black Sealed Gear Cover for the Traxxas e-Rustler, e-Stampede 2wd, Bandit & Slash 2wd

Tuning Getriebeabdeckung. Unser Tuning Tipp: RPM Teile sind aus nahezu unzerbrechlichem Nylon Kunstsoff für ungetrübten Fahrspass und ersetzen 1:1 das Originalteil

Passt auf Traxxas:

Rustler, Stampede, Bandit, Slash 2WD

Tuningteil - Traxxas Slash 2WD / Rustler / Stampede / Bandit - Getriebeabdeckung - Schwarz

– fits all versions of the Traxxas electric Rustler, electric Stampede 2wd, Bandit & Slash 2wd
– not recommended for spur gears larger than the stock 87 teeth

The most recent electric versions of the Rustler, Stampede 2wd, Bandit and Slash 2wd have several new features that caused interference issues with our original RPM molded gear cover for the Stampede & Rustler. We expanded the area of the gear cover over the motor shaft to compensate for the longer motor shaft of the XL-5 & VXL motors. We narrowed two areas along the perimeter of the gear cover to allow clearance for the rear bumper / wheelie bar mount as well. These changes now allow this gear cover to fit all versions of these awesome vehicles.

Additional features designed into these gear covers include such important aspects as:

An oversized access hole and soft plug for easy access to the slipper clutch nut while still maintaining an unmatched seal of the gear mesh area. Our plug stays in place yet is easy to remove and install.
Completely sealed. Stock gear covers have a large, open gap between the spur gear and the out-drive that allows gear destroying dirt to enter.
Sleek contours that would look great on any vehicle.
More clearance for larger pinions for owners hungry for speed.
Retains all stock geometry for easy bolt up; no cutting or gluing required.

Not only do they look great, they will protect those expensive gears like nothing else available! RPM‘s new gear cover will pay for itself the very first time you run through the dirt and nothing enters your gear case. No more blown gears from rocks and debris!

RPM Gear Covers for the electric versions of the Traxxas Stampede 2wd, Rustler, Bandit and Slash 2wd are sold in black, green, blue or red and carry our limited lifetime warranty against failure due to materials or workmanship issues.

Tech Notes: Not recommended for spur gears larger than the stock 87 teeth.
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