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82141 RPM Querlenker vorne HPI 5B - weiss

82141 RPM Querlenker vorne HPI 5B - weiss
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82141 RPM Racing Products Tuning Parts HPI Baja 5SC, 5B & 5T Dyeable White Front Upper & Lower... mehr
Produktinformationen "82141 RPM Querlenker vorne HPI 5B - weiss"
82141 RPM Racing Products Tuning Parts HPI Baja 5SC, 5B & 5T Dyeable White Front Upper & Lower A-arms

Unser Tuning Tipp: RPM Teile sind aus nahezu unzerbrechlichem Nylon Kunstsoff für ungetrübten Fahrspass und ersetzen 1:1 das Originalteil

passt für: HPI Baja 5SC, 5B und 5T

RPM front A-arms for the HPI Baja 5SC, 5T & 5B are designed around the stock A-arm geometry, no additional parts or accessories are needed. We’ve eliminated most of the hard rib angles in favor of smoothly contoured curves that enhance survivability during extreme impacts. Both the upper and lower A-arms incorporate much larger and stronger corner webs than the stock A-arms while RPM lower A-arms have a redesigned center brace structure that helps the rigidity and strength considerably by spreading impact energies over a much larger area. RPM A-arms will hold their shape better and have less flex than the stock arms as well!

After extensive in-house review of 5SC, 5T & 5B A-arms in stock form and listening to Baja owners, we found that the stock pivot ball socket tends to break out under certain impact conditions. We addressed this problem by adding nearly 15% more material around the diameter of the pivot ball socket and we redesigned the shape of the socket to add more support and improve crash survivability without creating any interference with suspension or steering movement. While we were redesigning the pivot ball area, we reduced the amount of slop in the ball socket to help improve and maintain more consistent camber and toe angles for smoother, more precise steering.

Another problem we encountered with the stock A-arms is the lack of protection for the very low-hanging front shocks. We solved that problem in a couple of ways. First, we elongated the lower shock mount, leaving no part of the shock exposed. Next, we incorporated a unique lower A-arm skid plate that completely covers & protects the lower shock mount. This skid plate adds serious bulletproof RPM protection to the lower end of those extremely expensive shocks while adding strength and support to the whole lower A-arm. Additionally, these skid plates are reversible! Since the A-arm is angled up, only the lowest part of the skid plate (the rear area) will see the most wear. By making the skid plates reversible, Baja owners run the skid plates until they wear thin on the one end, swap them from one side to the other and they’re good to go for more punishment!

We have found that a large percentage of 5SC, 5T, & 5B owners like to personalize and customize their buggies. That is why we offer these new arms in stealthy black and fully dyeable white options. With a little Rit clothing dye and some creativity, our white A-arms can be dyed to any color imaginable! Please see our website FAQ page for more information on the dye process.

Tech Notes: RPM A-arms are sold in sets consisting of one upper A-arm, one lower A-arm, one lower a-arm skid plate, two shock spacers and two skid plate mounting screws. Two kits will be needed to complete one vehicle.
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