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82018 RPM Savage Querlenker LF oder RR Violett

82018 RPM Savage Querlenker LF oder RR Violett
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Produktinformationen "82018 RPM Savage Querlenker LF oder RR Violett"
82018 RPM Racing Products Tuning Parts RPM Racing Products Tuning Parts Savage, Savage-X, Savage-XL & Savage Flux A-arms Pruple (LF or RR)

Unser Tuning Tipp: RPM Teile sind aus nahezu unzerbrechlichem Nylon Kunstsoff für ungetrübten Fahrspass und ersetzen 1:1 das Originalteil

passt für: Savage, Savage-X, Savage-XL & Savage Flux
2 Sets werden für ein Auto benötigt

One of the main problems we found with stock suspension arms on these trucks is they have excess clearance built into them, making critical settings such as camber, caster & toe angles nearly impossible to lock down. RPM Savage & Savage-X A-arms have been engineered to strict tolerances and in some areas, weï¾’ve eliminated as much as 0.051” (or in excess of 3/64”) of slop in the suspension system and completely eliminated the need for shim kits! These tighter-tolerance A-arms allow critical suspension settings to remain long after they’ve been set. Furthermore, our A-arms are still silky smooth throughout the entire range of suspension travel.

Our A-arms are sold in sets, including one lower and two upper A-arms. We supply two upper A-arms to giving the end-user the option of a stock, zero-degree camber angle in a fixed length A-arm, or a negative two-degree camber angle A-arm. Using fixed length upper A-arms instead of adjustable camber A-arms, we keep the weight of our upper A-arms to a minimum while providing the maximum amount of durability youï¾’ve come to expect from RPM parts!

For all those racers looking to shed some weight, we have you covered! Our A-arms weigh in less than stock Savage A-arms due to our low profile designs. The low profile combined with the beveled leading and trailing edges of the A-arms prevents them from hanging as low as the stock versions and allows the A-arms to ride up and over obstacles versus slamming into them.

RPM offers these A-arms in three color choices – our most popular black & blue, as well as a purple that matches perfectly with HPI stock purples found on the rest of the Savage and the Savage-X trucks.

RPM A-arms are built from our trademark blend of bulletproof nylons for unmatched durability and performance and backed by our world famous breakage warranty. With strength, precision and awesome good looks, there’s absolutely no reason not to mount a set on any Savage or Savage-X truck!

Tech Notes: RPM A-arms for the HPI Savage, Savage-X, Savage-XL & Savage Flux are sold in sets, consisting of 1 – lower A-arm & 2 – upper A-arms, requiring 2 – LF / RR & 2 RF / LR packages to complete one full vehicle.
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