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Xerun XR10 Stock Spec Brushless Regler 80A 2S

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Xerun XR10 Stock Spec 80A BEC 3A 2s LiPo Wenn sein paar Gramm weniger sein sollen...... mehr
Produktinformationen "Xerun XR10 Stock Spec Brushless Regler 80A 2S"
Xerun XR10 Stock Spec 80A BEC 3A 2s LiPo

Wenn sein paar Gramm weniger sein sollen...

Hobbywing ESC XERUN XR10 Stock Spec Black

Innovative Double-switch Design

A built-in electronic switch combined with an external detachable switch effectively helps
the XR10 Stock Spec avoid some flaws of ordinary or one-switch ESCs. The internal switch
makes the wiring convenient, the external switch is really handy when the car shell is
installed on and the built-in switch is no longer touchable.
(Warning! Patented design, do not copy.)

Special Design for STOCK Class Racing

Reliable hardware combined with great software (contains 5 common ready-to-use
profiles) creates an ideal power solution to the STOCK class of 1/10 scale touring car,
buggy racing.

Programming/Upgrading/Data Reading Wirelessly

With Hobbywing's "WiFi Express" module and iPhone or an Android phone (with the HOBBYWING
WiFi Link software installed), the user can remotely program parameters, upgrade firmware and
check relevant data of the ESC without leaving the control stand.

Small Size & Light Weight

This ESC is smaller and lighter than the standard version XR10
Pro and it's the mini version of XR10 Pro 160A. The small size
(31.5x25.6x16.1mm) makes the installation convenient and the
light weight (only 28g w/o wires) provides more weight margin
when adjusting the balance of the chassis.

Super Internal BEC

The built-in switch mode BEC with a maximum output
of 6A and voltage adjustable between 6V and 7.4V
allows the user to use various high voltage servos.

Adjustable Throttle & Brake PWM Frequencies

Independent and adjustable throttle & brake PWM frequencies guarantee precise and accurate
throttle and brake control for all classes of competitions (esp. the Stock class).

Data-logging Capability

This ESC features the data-logging function which can record
the maximum ESC & motor temperatures, the minimum battery
voltage, the maximum motor RPM and etc. in real time and
allows users to check those data via a LCD program box or
WiFi module after each use.

Type Scale 1/10

Brushed/Brushless BL
Sensored/Sensorless SD
Waterproof No

Specifications Cont./Peak Current 80A/380A
Input Voltage 2S Lipo / 5-7 Cell Nimh
BEC Output Swich Mode: 6V@3A

Wires & Connectors Input Wires Black 14 AWG 200mm * 2
Output Wires Black 14 AWG 200mm * 3
Input Connectors No
Output Connectors No

Fan Size 20x20x8mm
Voltage Range 5-7.4V
Powered by Powered by BEC

ESC Programming via Set Button on ESC Not Supported
LED Program Box Not Supported
LCD Program Box Supported
WIFI Module Supported
Program Port Seperate Program Port

Firmware Firmware Upgrade Supported
Size & Weight Size 31.5x25.6x16.1mm
Weight 54.5g (with Wires)

Applications Motors SL BL Motors / SD BL Motors
Vehicles Stock Class of 1/10th Touring Car & Buggy Racing
KV Rating / T Current
Touring > 10.5T
Buggy > 13.5T
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Frage von Herr VOLTAS , Datum: 09.03.2021

"Hallo, dises regler fuctionniert mit LiHV 2S 7,6V akkus ? vielen dank fur dir antwort."

Antwort Planet-rc Support

"Ja funktioniert auch mit 2S HV Lipo 7.6V"

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