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6062-00 Pro-Line ProTrac Suspension Kit Traxxas

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6062-00 ProLine ProTrac Suspension Kit Passt für: •Traxxas® Slash 2WD •Traxxas® Stampede®... mehr
Produktinformationen "6062-00 Pro-Line ProTrac Suspension Kit Traxxas"
6062-00 ProLine ProTrac Suspension Kit

Passt für:

•Traxxas® Slash 2WD
•Traxxas® Stampede® Electric 2WD
•Traxxas® Stampede® Nitro 2WD


•Front Arms 6062-01 (2 pcs)
•Rear Arms 6062-02 (2 pcs)
•Front Shock Tower 6062-03 (1 pc)
•Rear Shock Tower with hardware 6062-04 (1 pc)
•Rear Hub Carriers 6062-05 (2 pcs)
•50mm x 4 Camber Links 6062-06 (4 pcs)
•70mm x 4mm Steering Links 6062-07 (2 pcs)
•ProTrac Split Six Wheels 2723-00 (4 pcs)

This is a full ProTrac™ Suspension kit. Pro-Line's new ProTrac™ Suspension kit for Slash is one easy to install kit that greatly increases forward acceleration, corner speed, consistency and drivability. The critics are ranting and raving about ProTrac™.

"The result is almost staggering after my test down at OCRC Raceway. We can't recommend this kit enough", says Xtreme R/C Car Magazine.

"It all comes down to the numbers. According to the stopwatch, my laps were about 1 to 2 seconds faster with the Pro-Line ProTrac Suspension system", says RC Car Action Magazine.

While the stock axles will work with the ProTrac™ Suspension Kit, some customers may want a CVD option for their truck (for Racing or Bashing purposes). The following MIP option has been confirmed to work with the kit:
MIP 08123 Electric Rustler/Stampede CVD Kit
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