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54331 F104X1 Upper Deck / Roll Damper

54331 F104X1 Upper Deck / Roll Damper
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54331 F104X1 Upper Deck / Roll Damper This item was previously and exclusively... mehr
Produktinformationen "54331 F104X1 Upper Deck / Roll Damper"

54331 F104X1 Upper Deck / Roll Damper

This item was previously and exclusively available for the F104X1 chassis. It is now available as a standard option part for all versions of the F104 chassis. This unit incorporates a side damper which eliminates the standard friction discs found on the standard F104 F1 chassis. The roll damper offers better consistency compared to the traditional damper discs as the applied damper grease is shielded from track debris and stays within the damper tube.


Specs and Features
  • Includes: upper deck, roll damper, and damper mount included with Item 84203 F104X1 Chassis Kit. This set enables your F104 machine to have the same upper deck/rear suspension setups as the F104X1 chassis, allowing adjustment of pitch and roll movement independently.
  • Set includes blue-anodized damper mounts
  • Compatible with F104, F104PRO, F104W, and F104X1 chassis machines.
  • Note: Item 53901 TRF Special Damper (F103GT) (separately available) is required for use with this set. If installing this Option Part on an F104 PRO chassis, the kit-standard damper can be used. Friction damper and friction plates cannot be used with this set.
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